The most significant, and potentially expensive reform of healthcare and student loans for almost fifty years passed the House of Representatives of the United States last night. Given the sums involved, and the still potent example of the USA, the whole world may be affected by a change that will directly or indirectly affect around a fifth of the American economy.

I had intended, and may deliver, something portentous. But--and it is possibly because Marcus Aurelius Biden reminds me of Snowman, and John Bonior makes me think of Buford Justice's idiot son--I can't get the Smokey and the Bandit theme out of my head.

For those of you unfamiliar with the film, Big Enus and Little Enus, on a Texan whim, give 'Bandit' some mad task. Buford T. Justice, played expertly by Nixon supporter Jackie Gleason, objects. Bandit, with the aid of Snowman, then does 'what they say can't be done'. An interesting chase ends up at a funfair, I think, with the female interest being provided by a calculating Sally Fields who has a way of looking 'dazed and confused' that Nancy Pelosi has mastered.

Here's the video.


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