Carly Fiorina, OviPhobe and Wolfwoman.

This mad, mean spirited and frankly silly viral video from Carly Fiorina's primary campaign in California has been doing the rounds. Lycanthropy, sheep, and Randroid super-cows; how can you not love it?

More generally, there is an urgent need, I think, for American conservatives to reclaim their tradition from neoliberals, statists, authoritarians and corporate socialists before it is too late, if it isn't already. I mean, really--what is all this about?

Californians can vote for their own spending increases via referendum, and can vote against taxes themselves. Their legislature is, as I understand it, unable to pass budgets without a two thirds majority if they raise taxes. It is as partisan as any that operates in the traditions of the Federalist Papers and the British Parliament, which means that corruption is a matter of form, rather than substance.

In the video, the California republican party--and specifically, I suppose, Orange County's--view of what fiscal conservatism is is followed, yea until a man with red eyes wearing a muppet sheep costume whilst pretending to be a wolf goes around on all fours. That view is that 'fiscal conservatism' means never, ever, raising taxes, even in the face of a state-destroying budget.

One doesn't have to think of Carlo, Marquis of Gerace and Duke of Calabria in Act V scene ii of The Duchess of Malfi, or lycanthropy in general(though I did) to understand that America has passed from Jacobean to Stuart in some of its states. Really, though--is this what conservatism means over there?


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