How Much Does Bad Government Cost?

I am none too keen on the Democrat Party but there are things that my American readers should bear in mind when thinking about which party does what with their money this year. Here are a few figures.

'Cost Over-runs' on the US Defense budget; $295 billions.

Cost of Afghan and Iraq Wars : $1006 billions

Cost of Bank Bail Outs : $700 billions

Cost of Federal Stimulus and associated spending since 2009; $10.7 trillions*

Cost of healthcare: $940 billions, excluding private savings from insurance payments)

Accumulated State Deficits (not debt): $500 billions

*The figure for federal stimulus programmes in the US is derived from the same source as that above it.

Both parties, using the same political tactics and economic 'advisers' on both sides of the Atlantic, are spending your money like water. One--the Republican Party--took a federal surplus and debt reduction in 2001, spent it on tax cuts, and wars, and regulated the banks so lightly that trillions were spent avoiding a worldwide recession. Another--the Democrats--are currently putting your children in debt forever.

In Britain, things are much the same. One party trashed manufacturing industry, sold the country and piddled away North Sea Oil whilst wrecking lives years ago; the other is about to commit you to paying hundreds of billions over the next three decades to return us to the early nineteenth century, in the service of a discredited cult. Why do people keep voting for these people?

Here's a Liberal Democrat video, which seeks to capitalise on the similarity of the two big parties a bit like McCain-Palin tried to before they were revealed to be uber-controlled by the political and corporate classes. The Lib Dems will fail to do so, as they trashed a popular leader because of a drink problem, and another because of his age, whilst promoting euthanasia, anti-religious hatred, and social destruction on the back of the usual bourgeois prejudices.

Hat Tip: PJ Mulvey


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