The Republic...regenerating?

Have I got this story right? Not only does she slash spending and taxes, and take the pain, but the Irish Republic has just seen the plurality of politicians with ministerial pensions voluntarily give them up?

I have been sipping a beautiful, smooth Taiwanese Whisky in an overly hot bath tonight. Clearly this is but a dream, a fantasy of Tir na Nog....

Here are some Ugandans, who have clearly been at a good and improving sort of learning so that they will do well to the rear, as my grandfather would have said. In a complicated bit of electoral maneouvering, I once rounded up a great many Ugandans to vote for me in a minor public election (though I took the precaution of not letting them meet me, given the general effect that had on voters). I have reason to be grateful to them, and it was all within commonwealth rules and legal and did the Labour Party no harm, straight up. From the look of it, their classroom is somewhere in Cork.

Update: I notice that Pat the Cope Gallagher, a legend from the federally administered North West Tribal Areas, is being cautious about the readies. Quite right. You can't rush Donegal.


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