A Cameron Anthem

Which, surprisingly (given how much the modern left hate most of what I love), I agree with. The language is strong towards the end, so don't watch if you are easily offended. My vote does not matter and I dislike the idea of going and wasting it; no 'national vote' will be respected and nothing will happen to change the system, if the parties and the press have their way. Then the floor will fall in; it is all so depressing.


Anonymous said…
After 13 years of NuLab and a totally bankrupted economy, this video is pointless.
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi Anonymous, thank you for your comment. Why does a blog have to have a point?

I think that the country in itself isn't bankrupt; the banks, functionally, and the political-media class are. So the former have got the latter to steal from you and I, if you are based here, to bail them out. I see no reason to pretend that the charade currently going on is in any way democratic, and I have my own problems with New Labour.
I think that we should have much smaller government and a flat tax.

Then, maybe, we could see that the people who keep the country growing--overtaxed, overregulated, overworked, and battling on, with whatever problems they had--aren't bankrupt in spirit. I am also beginning to think that we should just let the banks go down. We should let them understand that countries survive, they have no right to.

There's a delusion that country is some sort of joint stock company, or that it can be treated like a private body. I don't think it can. It can regenerate and defend itself. I've laid out what I think of this state, which takes my taxes and does not practice justice, quite a bit.

I think that the very first blog that I did was on how a government with 21% support would inevitably hit trouble when times got tough, back in 2005.

All of this reads, I suppose, as an apologia, and a little rambling. I've just got in from work. But, well, I wanted to do you the courtesy of a reply. David Cameron is a dodger and a liar with no real connection to the people he seeks to lead, who leads the same wolves who destroyed whole towns, like the one I grew up in, threw people on the scrapheap, and wasted north sea oil. They wrecked grammar schools, they signed up to the Europe deal on the desperate terms Ted Heath got, and they created a devastating mortgage and car culture here. Any of us have a right to say what we think of them, even though I know what a disappointment to many--not to me, I knew what they were like--New Labour have been. Conservatives have no right to respect simply because some market liberal has taken their party over and is doing a good 'Willie Whitelaw on speed' routine.

Very best to you,

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