It's May, its Big Frank, and it's time for some Mariolatry

Cf. previous posts. I love the way he sings this tune but looks like he could deck someone and keep singing too. When I was little, at various Catholic primary and junior schools in the midlands, we would all go out, boys and girls side by side, and have a procession behind a statue of Our Lady. I remember doing so when we were running a pub in Rugby, I think--or maybe Kettering--and then, near a big old oak tree, hearing a chapter in the life of Don Bosco. What filth have done to a church that could contain such a man breaks my heart, sometimes.

A smile, compassion, and a man who can take and dish out lumps. That's what is wanted these days in the world generally, though the word compassion is too long to tattoo on knuckles without drawing on both thumbs as well.Hmmmm.

The Golden Tenor has, unfortunately, been dead for nearly ten years now. May he rest in peace.


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