Just Some Good Ole Boys....

There's a massive oil slick in the Mexican Gulf. There is, apparently, hay in the United States (despite the very severe winter), though not in Arizona. The response of big government is to shut down American oil production (even though there have been bigger spills), go around in circles, and make conspiracy theorists think that something is up. Every unemployed oilman left on earth now has an opinion on methane crystals, including some who want to wrap steel boxes in uranium rods and drop them on the gusher. I mean, honestly. Nuclear fuel rods at 17000 feet? Do you want to wake up Godzilla?

But me is a fellow who--I'm undereducerated--likes these two good old boys and their solution. The video is a hypnotic hymn, either to the ingenuity of the great republic, or my own gullible stupidity. Possibly both. Enjoy.

UPDATE: of course, if the hay fails, we could always throw in the cows (who won't have anything to eat anyway), with the nuclear rods attached. They'll float around and heat it all up so that only the heavy stuff is left, which will stick to them more. That way, that, precious, precious budweiser mud water can be saved for brewing in the Mississippi. Alternatively, we could just go back to panicking.

hat tip; Watts up with That?


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