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I am very busy at the minute in general, though I am at home with my mum and family today. I am sure that the world has not much missed my thoughts. However, with the gulf of Mexico seemingly turning into a substantially dead zone after the leak of whatever has been released in the Thunder Horse field, with the euro on the edge of collapse, with a third, and far worse Great Depression on the cards (after the 1870s and 1930s) and with a sort of middle-class corporatist junta running Britain, I wonder just how much point there is to my blogging. It's probably better to position myself for the initial stagflation, and to hold those whom I love close.

Few have learned anything, or thought about anything. If I and others who were more 'listenable' had been listened to a few years ago, in any way at all, we would have abolished wasteful ministries, taxed debt, flattened and lowered taxes, and stopped piddling on working people and the faithful whilst watching large parts of the developed world turn into developing countries. We could have adapted to oil volatility, looked the pension crisis in the eye, and shook off the global warming waste and narcissism. We could have floated off education into an invigorating cold main.

Instead, we are floating with our hands over our eyes and our ears filled with lies from politicians who don't know better into something fairly bad, fairly trubbeling. Trouble so bad that it can't be spelled properly. Few are thinking. They have eyes to see and ears to hear and they will not; this is the most depressing thing to me.

I want to document what is now locked in, and to continue using this blog to reflect on the world, record policies or notes for myself, and to communicate with the friends whom I have made blogging. From being a colossal monument to my own freeform ego, this blog has made me a little more humble, which is no mean feat.

I've often been wrong on the details, but right on the whole. I hope that I am not right now. I really, genuinely hope that I am wrong. Embrace life, and be prepared.

UPDATE: I have decided to ignore my own gloomy Celtic instincts at the minute--everything has been in decline since the Garden of Eden anyway--and to embrace the more optimistic side of my heritage. So, for the next few days, I intend to see the brighter side of everything. Please don't be alarmed when you see the next smiley post up here. Nothing is happening that can't be defied, denied, or beaten, and people will go on. I certainly will, in the hope of Christ.


Mary said…
Cheers Martin. It's definitely a time to stay happy because when stuff really and truly goes wrong we won't have wasted the good times. Don't worry.
Martin Meenagh said…
I agree :D

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