So, What's your name for the Greek crisis?

Go on. Is it The Olive Revolution, or Eurocalypso now? Something else? Answers on the back of a blog comment, please....and yes, I know that the simplest one would be 'reality bites'. No swearing, if you don't mind. I found all the illustrations, by the way, on the excellent Million Monkey B-movie review site


Mary said…
Martin's Prophecy.
Martin Meenagh said…
Don't be silly. Prophets are demented lonely weirdos crying continually in the wilderness and basically ignored, without honour in their own country. They are only remembered by the efforts of their demented followers and the serendipitous workings of chance after their usually early demise into obscurity.

I am 37.
1+1 does not equal only took decades for the markets and pols to figure it out....Patrick

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