Some Muslim and Palestinian Perspectives

Peace requires good faith. It requires states currently protesting their good faith, and in which people wish to embrace the light from all classes and sides, to get a grip on elements that would destabilise the situation because war is easier and hatred is safer. Whilst this perspective applies to Israel, I thought that it would be useful today to just record for myself some muslim and generally pro-palestinian sources on several examples of bad faith.

There must not be a Persian war. States must not be driven mad by siege or the support of barbarism. Those in Iran who wish to avoid a war must now stop those who want one moving huge numbers of weapons to legbreakers who wish to undermine Palestinians, Christian, Muslim and Secular, who seek peace. That those who want peace in Iran have not been doing so for some time is old news. They know fine well that if they do not, foolish people, many with the noblest of intentions, some misguided, some evil, will put themselves in harms way and legitimate international inspections will turn into confrontations that can only end one way.
Attempts to smuggle arms into Gaza by Hamas condemned by Palestinian President may 2010; here.

How Teheran gets arms to Israel by a Lebanese source; here.

A Turkish weekly on how arms for Hamas were being smuggled via plane from Bangkok; here.

The BBC on how Iran smuggles weapons to Hamas; here.

Here's a voice from the past, which makes me feel sad;


Toni said…
Why, does that clip sadden you? Your Irish and I suppose know just as much as what seems like intractable situations as anyone. My own experience of the hostility between muslims and christians in Indonesia during the economic crisis is that the incredible levels of violence was driven by economics. The ethnic tensions just simplified things. The country, though always simmering, did have much of the highly visible tension I recall from Belfast in the late seventies.

A lot of liberal opinion is turning against the Jews, you can hardly fail to notice the usual hippy types complaining about the lot of the Palastinians, but they will probably be in Bangkok next year talking about the tragic situation of The Thais. The other Arab nations seem in no hurry to welcome the Palastinians and, of all people, The Israelis are entitled to take the threat of extermination seriously. I remember someone telling me that the British government was offered the chance to save countless jews prior to the war, when they were offered safe conduct to the British protectorate of Mandatory Palastine. The new Saudi King at the time was hostile to the idea and as usual The British put business first. we all know the results and no matter what your belief, the holocaust is probably the most shameful event in recent human history. Everyone always quotes the same old things about religion, that most wars have been fought over it and that there is just enough to make men hate each other but not love each other. I think Nazi Germany, Stalins Russia and Pol Pots Cambodia as three examples of when lack of religion didn't improve things.
Martin Meenagh said…
It makes me sad because it confirms what I do not wish to believe, which is that people don't change and don't learn. I admire Abba Eban greatly, having first read his books on a heady trip to Baltimore. What he says still holds, except if anything, things have got a little cheaper and nastier. I wish people would be better than most of us are. I'd like us to be.

As for the left turning against jews, well, large parts of the left have become a sort of anticatholic, antisemitic sewer. Good people whom I respect also seem to have been touched by the anti-jew virus. That depresses me too, especially since they end up supporting people who are little short of fascist as a consequence, in contrast, of course, to our own big-corporation, big-war western variety.

Anyway, I must run. Thanks for the comment, as usual
Martin Meenagh said…
By the way, Toni, I have added your blog to the blogroll-hope that you do not mind

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