Why is it that Mr Rupert Murdoch, anyone who has taken his shilling, the banks, and the media classes think that they own this country? Why is it that they ignored Europe, immigration, crime, and the underlying causes of the economic crisis in the campaign? Why is it that they want my concern or engagement with this farce of an election, and why do they want me to fall for some unconstitutional coup by an obscenely privileged group of faux-Conservatives, salivating at sacking cleaners?

We are about to have another taste of economic crisis. I think that it is locked in. What is happening, and the politically minded ought to reflect on this, has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with secularists shoving global warming and faithlessness down people's throats whilst laughing at the people they are meant to serve and peddling corporate greenery, banking agendas, and directives imposed from elsewhere in the midst of two indiscriminate and disproportionate wars.

Think how we got here. But don't be surprised by how little anyone cares for anything other than the golden comedy now being played out at Westminster.


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