The Word on Gordon in Khartoum

I'd like to say that I was sick of the British press, but I have never taken them seriously enough to get ill. However, I was struck by this piece, which I found over on Arab News, courtesy of eureferendum. Under a heading noting that 'if Britain wants to be governed by smooth pretty boys it will get what it deserves', they write, inter alia,
If Brown is pipped at the post by the fresh-faced Conservative leader David Cameron — as most polls predict — he has to be the unluckiest politician on earth. First of all, Tony Blair reneged on his pact with Brown to step down midway during Labour’s tenure to make way for his friend. When Blair finally caved to pressure to resign, Brown inherited an unpopular government marred by the Iraq blunder. He has since been plagued by one misfortunate after the other from floods to mad cow disease, terrorist attacks, a parliamentary expenses scandal and, of course, the global economy downturn that resulted in a collapse of the banking system. None of this was Brown’s doing.

In truth, Brown guided his nation through those crises superbly proving to be a pair of safe hands. In 2008, he was even credited by experts for saving the world from economic doom by encouraging fiscal stimuli, low interest rates, and bank bailouts. As soon as he offered British banks temporary unlimited funding to prevent a run on deposits, other countries followed suit. Britain still has major problems not least the ballooning debt set to reach £1.1 trillion next year but until now Brown has managed to keep the economy afloat and has pulled the UK out of recession, albeit barely.

But there is one thing he hasn’t managed to do that is to win the hearts and minds of the British people. He doesn’t have Blair’s energy and powers of persuasion. He doesn’t possess the manufactured charm of Cameron or Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. He hates doing walkabouts kissing babies and when he forces a smile he comes across as slightly weird. He’s a clean-living, honest, non-materialistic, principled family man who all his life has tried to the right thing. He adores his wife and two sons and still tears up when he talks about the premature baby girl who died in his arms when she was just ten days old. You won’t see him on the lecture route raking it in when he waves goodbye to Downing Street. He’s not interested in plumping up his bank balance or so he says. Instead, he intends working on behalf of charitable organizations. I believe him.

As the man said, news from a forein countrie came....


Anonymous said…
This really is scraping the barrel. Gordon is surely gone. There is a God.

Martin Meenagh said…
Hahaha--scraping the barrel? This blog? By using a foreign newspaper to confirm my prejudices?

Shame on you for such a mistake. Gordon has as much chance as the original!

Martin Meenagh said…
Anyway, my mum agrees with this, probably.
Anonymous said…
I can't get over how you continue to defend this awful man. You're always suggesting that he's a good person despite all evidence to the contrary. As for Tony Blair reneging on a deal to hand over the job, that should not have been allowed. Gordon Brown should never have got anywhere near the leadership and probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for the back room wheeler dealing.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, who does your Mum agree with?
Martin Meenagh said…
I think that there should always be a contest for leadership, and if there had been--and it was open--Brown would probably not have won. That would have left him to point to the millennium development fund, which was a real achievement (rescheduling all that african debt) and the fiscal rules, and would have allowed him to go off to the IMF.

Except that I think he wouldn't have. He genuinely, I think, is a tank with the focus on a very labourist, tractor statistic sort of determination to do things for working people. He also holds the english middle classes in contempt, and is fairly open about politics being a brutal dirty game. There is a strength about him, and a familiarity, that I like--but it is, very sadly, outweighed by all the compromises and pig-ignorance and cowardice. I hate the way he is being treated though, and I refuse to give in to what the bought and paid for, second rate media want me to think.

Many of my family are convinced that he is much better than the two pretty boys, one of whom is clearly a fairly nasty sort of liar, who want to replace him. I think.

I think all politics is awful at the minute, and I do think that Gordon Brown mismanaged the economy--but the fault is with the voters and with the selfishness of those who wouldn't save and who loved the credit and the house prices, and I don't excuse myself from that. What could he have done? Taxed debt?
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you replied because I thought I'd offended you. I'm really surprised that your family like Gordon. Your mum looks far too normal and sensible for that!

I don't think Gordon does work on behalf of working people and as that poor lady in Rochdale discovered he is pretty contemptuous of his natural supporters.

Honestly, I think GB worked very closely with the bankers and handed over power to them which has led to this horrible mess. They're his kind of people..he's comfortable with them but put him in front of some plain-talking Lancashire woman he can't handle it, and turns nasty.

If he hadn't been caught out on tape he would almost certainly have denied the whole thing. As it was he came up with some silly excuse about thinking that she wanted all foreign students expelled from the country. Clearly she didn't mean that, and in fact, her comment about the Eastern Europeans was a very small part of what she said. I think she just put him on the spot and asked far too many pertinent questions in quick succession.

Anyway, I do think you should get out there and give the man your vote. Martin, he needs you. Stay loyal.


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