Chris Matthews, Hardball, Joan Walsh

This blog is becoming more of a commonplace book than usual, I know, but I thought that I would share this video of the old Tip O'Neill hand, Chris Matthews, on the Tea-party right. He's interviewing a republican 'moderate' from Ohio, whose dad was a postman but who worked for Lehman brothers, and then releases a fresh-looking 'Fighting Joan Walsh' on him.

Ms Walsh genuinely does seem reinvigorated and fresher at the minute, having recovered from the exhaustion of the 2008 campaign and god knows what else, and, well, you really have to admire the way she throws a punch. Poor old Kasich was left pleading for his iddle-widdle teeth. It's the second time I've seen her do this sort of thing; she has that chipmunk smile and a way of calling people 'sir' that lets you know someone is going to end up bleeding in a gutter.

I like strong and faintly scary women. More importantly, there's something implicitly violent about politics in America that she and the online magazine that she edits illustrates. can be genuinely shocking in what it reveals of some on the American left. They seem to mix tough-guy words with an education good enough to ape literary prose (in most cases Dashiel Hammet mixed with Roth or deLillo). My own head is still reeling from what I thought would be an informed debate in which one correspondent was informed that he and the forces of capitalism 'were about to be stomped like a whore who owed them money' by a commenter. I mean, that's three insults in one, and outrageous to boot. It certainly beats the acidulous girlie-men on the more vicious and soi-disant 'left sites' here, like Harry's place, possibly because its quite cheerful in its insanity and not really malicious.

In any event--and I genuinely hope to live in the peace of Christ, though I do like watching a good fight--here's the story and the video.


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