The Day After Doomsday

An effective media blackout seems to be settling over parts of the southern American states. In addition, serious journalists, newspapers, and industry analysts are now starting to suggest that an 'underground blow out' has either happened or is imminent in the Macondo Prospect.* Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has started talking of how oil may be leaking out via the seabed, and not just from the wells. If this has happened, it would be because a breach below the seabed in the pipe at pressure had turned into a general blow-out. It is worth repeating that we know very, very little of the geology down there.

Up to now, analysts have been blaming the broken casing of the wells belonging to BP, Exxon, and Transocean which had been cemented in place by Halliburton, for the spill. However if oil was seeping onto the sea bed, into the thermoclines of the ocean, and onto the surface, as it is apparently doing, but in much greater volume than would happen if it was just coming from a broken extractor, then it could not be stopped.

A hurricane or strong winds might also blow a great deal of that risen oil, which will kill if breathed in (rather than swallowed) onto populated areas. The economy of five states--Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi--is now more or less in the deep freeze. Put air-blown oil and oil gas into play. What would happen if the President of the United States were forced to impose martial law or require a limited evacuation, in greater numbers than have already been prepared for?

Something very bad is happening underneath the sea. I'm not keen on Keith Olbermann, but here is an extended and relatively straightforward segment of his, detailing some of the worries that are now afloat.

* I have been referring to the spill as having occurred in the Thunder Horse field. As I understand it, Thunder Horse is a generic term; Deepwater Horizon is a semi-submersible drilling platform; and the Macondo Prospect is the name given to the subdivision of the field in which the Deepwater Horizon was drilling. The name was presumably taken from the cursed town raped by capitalism in One Hundred Years of Solitude. If so, someone has a sense of humour, at least....


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