The Gaiety of Nations

I found the picture on the 'Doc 40' site, which also links to this gem. Click it, and you can render any word into R2-D2 Speak and download it to your mobile telephone device. I'm going to start with Milton....

"Saudi Clerics Advocate Adult Breast Feeding"

To prevent any impropriety between men and women, people can become relatives by drinking breast milk as children, you see; the clerics simply extrapolated to adults. You try that in New Jersey.

What you have to remember is that this story comes from a Kingdom where people are more than capable of doing the high-wire act on electricity pylons. On the other hand, I was reminded by the website there that Egypt has a Coptic Pope on the throne of St Mark, whom the Saudis seem to recognise. The story raises my count of Popes currently extant.

Time marches on, mostly into rambling incoherence....

h/t Splintered Sunrise.

UPDATE: I should qualify this post. The Throne of St Mark is of course in Venice, in the Basilica di San Marco. It is the contention of this author, however, that Christianity was Alexandrine, and that the traditions embodied by Pope Shenouda were borrowed at some point and Romanised. Therefore little licence is taken when referring to the Coptic Pope as on cathedra marcioni as it were. Wow, I'm mad this morning :)


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