Palmetto Shenanigans

The Palmetto Flag was flown in the Lunar Highlands during the Apollo 16 Mission. If you want one, you can go here, which is where I found the image.

I'm a fan of North Carolina--what is it they call it, a little valley of beauty in between two mountains of self regard? I once spent a very pleasant fortnight there and had the good luck to be shown around by some dear friends. Some very good wines and cigars were had. Following one extensive fact finding mission, I ended up, I think, in the courthouse of Union County, which is on the Palmetto border (and, Darlene of the Blue Folly Bar, I still remember you). Union county was built in part out of pieces of Mecklenburg county, which declared its own independence before the rest of the United States. I learned what a setpiece theatre an American courtroom can be there.

Anyway, like her Northern Sister as I do, the politics of South Carolina, along with those of Florida, are some of the craziest in the South and by far the nastiest. This possibly is what gives rise to the idea that more than one American historian has mooted to me that South Carolina should have been left independent when Dixie fell in 1865.

Right now, they have a gubernatorial election on. A tough woman of Sikh descent and outsider status has the momentum, but has been forced into a run-off, partly by transparent lies about one-night stands that she almost certainly hasn't had. In fact, so sure is she that she has not had them--for what it is worth I believe her--that Nikki Haley has promised to resign if she is lying to herself.

Sometimes, women that attractive have to have affairs because their men get intimidated by them and go off with a fling, but in my experience that's a very rare thing. Most of the time they end up with men who are confident enough in themselves to just love them, especially if they are beautiful or mad or both. That, after all, is what most women want. I know, I met one once.

Anyway, here's a video of Ms Haley confronting one of her opponents who put rumours about her out there. As a general rule in life, it is dangerous to a)invade Russia, b) pick a fight with China, c) attempt to put the boot into a Sikh and d) expect to intimidate a woman who has been through childbirth. At least the comically Nixonian-without the substance-lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer, got two out of four right....

More Tales of South Carolina political weirdness here. Pass the popcorn, Alice....


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