The Permanent Warriors

Some footage of the peace activists, which in its way I suppose is a reflection on humanity. I grew up with stories of people in nightclubs who would fight on seeing a green or orange shirt, which is not that much different. Sooner or later someone will throw a rod in the air and it will become a spaceship....*

Glenn Greenwald, in thundering form, has linked to lots of alternative interpretations of evidence here. He asserts that compilations of eyewitness testimony, the fact that the film was in the possession of the Israelis, and the fact that news management is clearly going on, mean that we can't see what really happened on the boat. In other news, mainstream journalists are picking up on something that occurred to me (its not a great insight) some years ago, that Israel is becoming a kind of Outremer.

The news is depressing at the minute, and it is so for one reason; people just won't learn. God help us.

*obscure 2001 reference--ed Hat tip to EU referendum for this one.


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