Rest in Peace

Turks are in a physical sense the inheritors of Constantinople, with all its tolerance. Sundry of their countrymen seem keen on murdering Catholics. Several have acted on this impulse. The latest is a Bishop. I know nothing of the circumstances of the killing, beyond reports, but it adds to what appears to be an emergent pattern of intolerance and martyrdom in the Islamic world, if it were motivated by religious passion.

The assassin of the Bishop appears to have reached for a spurious defence that he believed the Bishop to be a homosexual to justify his actions, in which a knife was used so extensively that the heart suffered eight wounds and the head was almost severed. What sort of a sick mind, hurt by what part of the world, does that and then says its 'ok' either because of something as beautiful as religion or as pointless as sex? What on earth is a soul worth that it should be thrown away for such a mess of reasons?

I wish that people wouldn't pervert the name of God with killing. May Bishop Padovese rest in peace.


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