I've gone fishing

Well, not really. I'm in Oxford, teaching for Berkeley for three weeks at Merton College and loving it, though I'm in London at the weekends. I'll be back sooner or later, full time and will be posting intermittently on the usual things after what may be my punctuated break. I hope that both my readers, including the one demented one, are having a great Summer, since we are all, of course, doomed. Well, eventually. I'm not doomed yet and nor is anyone I care about.

The picture comes from a person called s-tiger and can be found here.


DBC Reed said…
Andy Burnham has proposed Land Value Tax ,a wild romantic gesture,which will get my vote. It is up there with magnificently futile but correct policies such as Distributism or Social Credit which I would have voted for as well.Was considering voting for Diane Abbott because she proposed renationalising the railways but Burnham has trumped that with panache.
Dunno which "nutter" you are talking about as having been killed by the police.
Martin Meenagh said…
Hello there DBC. I think that we have (technically) five votes, so mine will be for Diane and then Andy, and no others.
I've been very taken with the modern, very serious effort to put distributism on a proper basis in order to get it some intellectual credibility, and have been reading lots of John Medaille. It is good to see two proper Labour candidates--and almost as good to see the people who hate them being sidelined!
I was writing about Raoul Moat. I haven't blogged in a long while (this is my last day of e-holiday, really) but have been active on facebook and conservative cabbie's posts and elsewhere. Time to break out the keyboard soon, I think, especially since my new Kindle hasn't yet arrived.....many thanks for your comment, as usual.

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