Sex and the City Again

I've been having a facebook discussion with a couple of friends about my mad response to SATC2, and a couple of things struck me.

Firstly, it's actually The A-Team on Oestrogen--a manipulative combination of mad/angry/calculating/lusty characters set to incidental music and a slightly mindless plot. Secondly, it strains to be good--Carrie/SJP does see that the wealth she experiences is based on Indian slavery in the UAE, and tries to remedy it with money and arbitrary charity. But that does nothing to address the iniquity, really (though I am sure that SJP thought that it showed Carrie's practical compassion). Thirdly, the film, as I thought, is of a piece with the late American republic; in it, gay marriages imply fidelity so long as a communally recognised legality is given to them. A film that could contain observations like that isn't selfish (thats the lazy thing to say) so much as the product of a bankrupt society that has lost its moorings but remembers what good was. It's the product of accelerated Protestant dissipation injected into liberal jewish people in post-Catholic New York. God almighty, there's a cocktail for you.

You could take a different approach, I suppose; the ladies could represent America. Carrie ends up dependent on a banker who hearkens back to the nineteen thirties, whilst Samantha ends up getting screwed between Europe and the car industry. Meanwhile, Miranda and Charlotte get drunk from glasses modelled on Marie Antionette's breasts.

TS Eliot said something about cheap tunes, once, to which I can add the observation that really stupid films sometimes make you think. I actually think that I ended up liking this one, though the consensus amongst me and my facebook friends is that it should have more religion, guns, and car chases in it to make it really watchable.

I've gone and got a bit interested in football too, since the world cup was on and the England hype finished. God help this blog when I get back from the gym.

PS I have not been going on like this to my girlfriend or anyone else, just so that you know. The image my one demented reader has of me shouldn't really include the notion that I hang around Gregg's pie shop muttering about the relationship of meccanomics and New York Sex. That, after all, is what my blog is for....


Toni said…
Firstly, You should be ashamed for watching such a waste of celluloid, (although it looks like I am getting dragged by girlfriend to watch the vampire movie). And secondly don't you think your overthinking what seems to me to be an extended advert for designer brands? Also the bankrupt economy of the UAE doesn't like thinking of its guest workers as slaves. While drinking or holding hands with your girlfriend in public is haram, exploitation of Asians and other lower races, including us, (anyone who thinks that they are important because they were head hunted to Dubai needs a wake-up call),is perfectly acceptable.
Martin Meenagh said…
haha, overthinking, yes. As for the reason I was there, well, I love my girl, and there were worse ways to waste an afternoon without alcohol. You're right about the brand advertising--some of it was so shocking it made me laugh.

I'm off a lot at the minute, and not adapting well--for every hour I spend in the gym I seem to spend two eating or drinking! I'm also displacing, as I have some personal worries at the minute about family members.

I want to blog a bit later on this new idea of 'meccanomics' associated with the UAE, though I have friends there (from both sides of the divide) whom I want to chat to first.

Hope you are well, enjoy the vampire thing
Toni said…
"meccanomics" - you really need to write a book, sir. Hope your family is well. re the gym, when I worked for a Japanese bank, I was given free membership to Cannons gym in the city, went twice only to go to the bar though.
Martin Meenagh said…
lol, Vali Nasr beat me to that word, though his book 'celebrates' the new middle classes of the Arabian peninsula--without pointing out where their wealth comes from or what it depends upon.

My gym, a fairly badly-run but well-situated David Lloyd, has withdrawn its bar, the gits. I used to like a pint after a workout.
DBC Reed said…
One thing you get faced with about Distributism is its unworldliness the fact that "its never been put into practice".But then you come across things like "Announcing his wish to order the State according to the encyclical Quadragissimo Anno of Pope Pius XI,Dollfuss proclaimed a new constitution on May 11 1934" Dollfuss leant quite heavily on Ludwig von Mises (or so he says).But there is clearly something going on there.
Also interesting is Northamptonian
political theorist/dilettante James Harington of "Oceana" published in the Civil war which proclaimed with full Biblical & classical backing that nobody should own too much property and everybody should have a fair share.Also that all gov jobs should be filled by rota.
The funny thing is that just before the '14-18 war a group cropped up calling itself the Rota club ( a revival of a club set up in London by Harington)which took a lot of ideas from Belloc.If you can find it, an essay on their book by Chesterton published in The Chesterton Review is well worth the no-effort as it is a sheer pleasure to read .
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi DBC, always a pleasure to have a comment from you. I have been reading a great many distributist texts in the Bodleian- you can expect a series of posts on the subject soon. I hope that all is well with you.

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