Ed Milliband's Inspirational Precursor

A beaten fraternity? A very shaky grasp of history, reality, or any basic sense? A desire for a really stupid and futile gesture on the part of a beetlebrowed and somewhat disturbing example of the youthful saturnine?

Yes, I've got it. The following video contains swearing, for those who would be offended. In other news, 1) Labour antagonises and winds up Catholic voters by embracing, well, narcissism and Satan 2) Labour loses its soul and loads of votes 3)Harriet Harman tries to make the faith illegal (before backtracking) and then notes, almost subconsciously, how 'the Catholics' and 'the Labour Party' (note her distinction) worked closely in the past tense. Dots. Join. It isn't hard.

On balance, I'd rather be in Philadelphia. Mrs Mary Honeyball, late of this blog and the David Milliband Guantanamo tribute band, has not yet commented over at her special place....


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