The Fenian Foggy Dew

Just a song I like, about Ireland's almost-abortive revolution. When growing up, I knew the tune as that of 'McAlpine's Fusiliers' about the Irish workers who built England's roads.

Really, the Irish built the roads, Germans and Italians built the law courts (decorating the Royal Courts of Justice floors with Hindu Swastikas), and the Poles now do the plumbing and electricity, amongst other immigrant groups. The Jamaicans and Bajans drive the trains, and the Bangladeshis and Ugandans, and the Indian diaspora, look after our bodies and accounts. The Lascars manned the ships. Fish and Chips came from the Jewish East End, the Indians, and Celts built the Empire, and then took it down, and the Canadians, Africans and Australians provided the materials, and the Kiwis fought the Battle of Britain with disproportionate honour, unsung.

I'm tempted to ask mischievously what it was that the English did, except serve with little reward the 7000 families that have run the place for a thousand years? Brew things, and build guns and make butter? Or just sit by as their history was taken from them and their elites stripped them of everything but beer and football, which they then sold to foreigners?

All slipping away now. This country couldn't half do with a spot of revolution, except that that radical force can't really be limited. I do get the point, though, that EUreferendum made by analogy the other day; when they charge you for car parks in a hospital you used to own, and call for powers to euthanise you, when they turn your house into a cell terrorised by a bank your taxes paid for, when they want you to 'slop out' like a prisoner and won't take away your rubbish, when they worship an insane green god and have time only for your enemies, when they teach your children evil things or steal them from you, when they want to strip love, and faith, and homeland from you, when they sell your jobs and steal your money--when they even locked you out of the tube during the blitz until you broke the gates down, just like when they stole your land and your church half a millenium ago--and when they stuff your parliament with clowns and govern in secret from the European Council--what are you supposed to do?


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