Goodbye Johnny Dear

I used to listen to this song, in a different version, in my grandmother's house on an old grey-and-purple suitcase record player that she had upstairs. This version, by a Portugese lady, makes me think of a drunken man I once met on the tip of Manhattan, near the Staten Island Ferry, who never forgot Ireland, and of bars in Baltimore, and Chicago. It's very moving and maudlin and speaks very much to what the strong once had to do, the last time Ireland exploded. I think that I might make good Irish songs a regular feature of this blog.

My own mother, for those of you who have sent in notes, is doing very well, is very strong, and I'm proud of her.


Anonymous said…
Hi Martin,
I thought it was all over. I hadn't realised that your mother was still ill. This cancer lark is tricky, I know. Very best wishes to your mother. May she be better soon.

Lots of love to you both, Mary.xx
Hi Martin: We lost our mother Catherine three years ago. Never a day goes by that I don't think of my sweet, saintly Irish Mother who always believed it was an incomplete day without a drink or two! Lovely song by the way.......the first time that I ever heard it. God bless, Patrick
Martin Meenagh said…
It is a beautiful sad song, I think. God rest your Mum, Patrick. My own is, I am glad to say, going strong!

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