A Short Instructional Video about English Atheists

This isn't a third world country. Third world countries are doing well at the minute, largely because the Chinese have bought them.

Here's a public information film. I ought to dedicate it to Mrs Mary Honeyball MEP, but what's the point? She will keep on being appointed from a party list to the European Parliament regardless, and anyway, she's keeping her head down of late. Apparently, she haunts the corridors of Brussels dressed only in a shroud and brambles, resolved to speak only of yogurt. Tell this blog if you have a sighting of her, though photographs--I'll say this now--will be treated with skepticism and sent for independent verification.


Kristen Stewart said…
Hi Martin

I have not seen my blog in your side bar. My blog is http://spacestation-shuttle-archive.blogspot.com/.

You said , You will add in future. will you add.
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi kristen

I just had two questions before I did.
1) why is your blog almost identical to several others which I have received links from under different names either connected with servers in Australia and India?
2) Is your blog a marketing platform?

I really am being assailed by spam and pointless stuff at the moment, so am taking a stricter line on links.

All best,


ps this goes for 'David' and others who have written in today.
berenike said…
God bless the Pope!
Martin Meenagh said…
Viva Il Papa!
Paulinus said…
Spot on, Martin
Martin Meenagh said…
There are saving graces to England, in the most unexpected ways. One is that the vast majority of people here really don't care what the self-appointed members of the chattering and 'governing' bureaucracy think. Most understand that management here is a name for a process of sticking the worst pains in a room and then doing things without their knowledge whilst they argue about it.
However, sometimes the middle classes and wannabes over-reach themselves. They get in the way. They insult and protest and become furious when they realise that, not only do they sound silly, but no one is listening and that they are not in charge.

I think that is what is happening here. The Holy Father has gone about his Petrine mission; the basic decency of most people has tuned in, and the Beeboids and Guardian readers have worked themselves into a destructive frenzy that will only worsen the unyielding relativist hell they live in.

I ought to pray for them.
But a part of me is chuckling. I do love my Pope.

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