The Time of the Preacher in the Year of '01

The original Edge of Darkness is much, much better than the typically competent Mel Gibson film. Buy it or rent it if you have the time. Here's a clip of the great Joe Don Baker's turn as Darius Jedburgh, which, to his credit, Ray Winstone didn't even try to approach.

The year of '01...when the killing began.


Toni said…
This is just my kind of movie. Had Gibson done a remake? Not sure what you mean by typically competent Gibson movie - I thought The Passion was extraordinary. Do you know if the original of this is available anywhere? its not on iplayer, apparantly the BBC can only afford 3 hard discs and have to wipe them clean every 18 days. Perhaps I am showing my age, but I remember the protect and survive leaflets and am sure I recall seeing a late night broadcast of what to do in the event of a nuclear attack, although people tell me those public service announcements were never broadcast - maybe it was a local thing, I lived in the North West at the time. If only heavy drinking was still a requirement to join the intelligence services - I would be a shoe-in for a job.
Martin Meenagh said…
Gibson did do a remake, but it was a competent revenge thriller, without the political aspect. The music and format of the original, as well as Bob Peck and Joe Don Baker were much better.

I think Gibson is a terrific director when he wants to be--the battle scenes in Braveheart and Patriot are superb, Apocalypto was brilliant and The Passion of The Christ was just on the right side of violence-porn, and true to the message of the passion.

You can get EoD on DVD, I think.
Martin Meenagh said…
I looked it up for you--under a fiver on amazon!

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