Another Hero of This Blog Award

Reviving an intermittent tradtion, and not forgetting the other recipients, I thought that I would award the latest badge to science in general and the people who came up with cochlear implants in particular. Watch this child's face as he hears his mother's voice for the first time; the effect is just beautiful.

H/t Peter Kennedy on facebook (he has his own blog here).


Edward Spalton said…
And to think that there are parents in "The Deaf Community" who want to deny their children the possibility of this treatment.
gurnygob said…
Hi Martin just wanted you to know there is a new post up at
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi Gurnygob, I shall go and have a look later! Edward, it surprises me too. People develop ways to cope that become 'lifestyles' in themselves, but most things with that name are built around some refusal to acknowledge a deficiency, and in defiance and denial. However magnificent that can be, I don't think that it should be imposed on a child; but who am I to tell another person what to put their child through, that's the thing? I'd gib at 'society' doing it in the form of the state. If people had a firm place to stand a good education, they would do it themselves, maybe?

I don't know. Anyway, the expression on that child's face is priceless.

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