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I am thinking seriously about migrating this blog to Wordpress and regenerating it. I've been very busy lately, and have a lot on my mind, but scarcely a day passes when I don't think about a post and want to get to a keyboard to flesh it out it's just, well, life has a way of getting in the way of plans.

It's also the case that the world is, in a way, through the looking glass right now. The Dow goes up on the expectation of more money printing after disastrous employment figures in the US, for instance; this is literally mad. The critical thought needed to face the challenge of food inflation, peak oil, currency wars and a cooling world goes down in those settled in positions of official commentary when faced with evidence, hard evidence, of these facts.

At least we have found out what has been happening to the Bees.

I look around and I see an aristocracy of mediocrity and a nepotism of idiocy with a very firm grip on institutions that I admire, destroying them from within; I see people deliberately attempting to forge through the obvious fact of imminent decline with delusions about returning to boom; I see blatant lies, on 'left and right' and a refusal to think. I don't care about hypocrisy. I'm a Catholic. Love and reason are more important to me than ostentatious and rude public attempts to confront people with self-generated bald certainties. But I do care about people insulting the intelligence of others by giving the impression that obvious lies are actually truth.

Thank God for my faith, and for the people whom I love, frankly--and that I was born at the last time when intelligent articles could be found in magazines here, when public libraries stocked great and interesting things, and when people admired those other than actors, athletes and celebrities. That all professions are now rigorously ethical is no comfort in a country which is systematically immoral.

In the coming years, we will all have to 'duck and dive', and cope, with the reality of a sort of drawn out collapse as the crisis foreshadowed in the nineteen seventies and then postponed by cheap oil, bombs, and derivatives, reemerges in a colder world.

I'm happy, more or less, at the minute. My indomitable mother is plugging away, my brother and sister are safe, my family are strong and surviving, and my girl is funny, and smart, and beautiful. My failures and postponements, such as they have ever been, have been lucky escapes, and those things I did years ago to my benefit reward me every day. I have friends whom I love.

It's precisely that we should not stand aside from others, however, that gives vent to my frustration. What will it take to stop people from this headlong and predictable crash into even more waste, even more loss, even more delusion? How many times must one point at 'bankers', or 'charities', or 'scientists' or 'the media' or 'politicians', or 'lawyers' and point out that they are not safe with money, they do not benefit the weak, they do not seek truth, they do not communicate, they are not interested in people, or that they apply rules and not law worthy of the name when courage is demanded of free men and women? At self-proclaimed socialists whose policies destroy society, or 'conservatives' who pride themselves on their poujadiste radicalism and contempt for traditional lessons and uncertainty?

To despair is a sin. I always have hope. But I find it difficult to blog, I suppose, when really I am writing to myself. I may as well turn my kindle's speech button on and get it to read my views out to myself.

So, here's the thing. I'll be back blogging properly when I have my blojo--these days more occasional than continuous--but never again at the level that I have maintained for four years.

In the meantime, I'll be facebooking, twittering, putting long pieces up on the wordpress site and counterfactuals elsewhere. This blog will continue as my commonplace book. I have two more pieces on distributism and a couple of history posts that I need to place, and a tonne of real writing to do before December, as well as some 100 hours of teaching in the next three weeks.

I've noticed lots of people blogging less, which I interpret to mean that people have money to earn or lives to lead in ways that they did not when there were credit booms on; and I'll keep squeezing the lemon that people in Britain have been given till it's dry. Life is for living anyway. Apologies to my one demented reader if that means fewer posts, and a cheerful 'go forth' to the demented spammers who keep trying to post rubbish on the comments. In the meantime, vaya con dios and good luck to y'all!


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