Monsignors Suing Priests

I have in the past, on multiple occasions, made my view of the libel courts clear, I hope. I understand that people have reputations that are sometimes only defended legally, but I wish that they did not go near m'learned friends and I am never pleased to hear that people have resorted to them without attempting other recourse first, or just firing back on their own columns and sites. I've got posts stretching back years to show that, before you ask. I write as a non practising member of the bar in a personal capacity; do not go to law if you can help it and try never to reach for the libel lawyers. Wile. E. Coyote's ACME bombs would do you more good.

But, really--a priest being issued with a libel threat by a Monsignor for correction on an obvious point of Catholic theology? I knew that 'liberal' Christians were intolerant, but this takes the biscuit. English bishops apart from +Vin, are useless, but I hope at least that Rome is watching, particularly since the Catholic Times should not be a platform for this sort of thing.

Here's some scenes from Golgotha, which frankly make one feel sorry for the Jews.


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