Would Causing a Bank Run Get the Attention of Our Masters?

French Activists have a way of identifying a barricade in their sleep. France is, after all, a country where notebooks are not lined for writing but squared for graphs. So far, the Spanish general strike of the 29th September, the Greek and French protests, and the incipient German revolt against the strictures of the euro have made little headway.

But here's a Cartesian solution for you.

Why not cause a bank run, so that, on December 7, large numbers of people withdraw their money from the banks all at once? I can't believe it possible, because so many have debts, and those who have credit may well just roll their eyes. However, the idea is insidious and destructive genius because it goes to the heart of the only thing the people in charge focus upon, other than their mirror.

Genius, mes braves! Who knows, it may even get Sarko to go to Baden-Baden, albeit in his new 'bling' 'plane.

I would be inclined to dismiss the proto-viral websites that are now springing up on facebook, first in France, and then in Germany, Greece, Holland and Italy, as delusional, except that they have the feel of what so nearly happened with the bank protest in America last year which petered out, (the 'rocker chick revolt'). The organisers claim somewhere between 14,000 and 61,000 participants, though if they all had bank accounts which even cumulatively made a difference I would be surprised.

There is, I suppose, a very small chance of a rebel x-wing getting through and aiming a proton torpedo down the Death Star exhaust. It may be sensible to keep an eye on this space.


gurnygob said…
Hi Martin

I picked up on the big plane thing and i have put up a post to help people understand the maths behind the Austerity measures. Well you know how stupid we all are.


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