An attempt to make a video

I am bored, so I have made a video. Please be gentle with it. Anyone can do it on and it is a reasonable waste of time, which was one of the original points about this blog.


Martin Meenagh said…
What I should have said, of course, is that things are going to end in tears, but this was very much a first draft.
Toni said…
You know, I don't know how much time I have left but how does that make me any different from anyone else? It kills me that when I was a kid and I was in a band the recording equipment and instruments I felt I needed where so far out of my reach and now, you can pick them up for peanuts on ebay or even get them free as pc software. Making a video or movie seemed so unachievable. Things have changed so much but how come all we get is regurgitated crap we got the tools, just lost our imaginations. Good luck with your animations, I hope to see something political and/or subversive.

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