Saturn's children.....

There was a young lady of Riga
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside
And a smile on the face of the Tiger

Some Hedge funds are now betting on their own demise, as an FBI ritual sacrifice insider dealing probe widens. God bless them. At least, when it all comes crashing down around them, they can blame nature rather than choice. It's rather entertaining to see the G-men hunt high and low for just-big-enough sinners to throw overboard. Equally predictably, and typically, Angie Merkel is being much more consistent in her search for people to press the big stone down on. As far as I can tell, it's scaring the markets half to frenzy.

I'm working like mad at the moment to pay down my (rapidly falling) debts before the eschaton hits the heliotropic device, as it were. 2011 is going to be awful for many, as 2010 is becoming, and it is no comfort to me to see the most gloomy of my posts since 2007 trumped almost by the day. What's happening to Ireland is particularly depressing for me. I look high, and find bad news and idiocy in the mouths and faces of the commentariat masquerading as professionals; I look low and find my own little local bike shop has gone bankrupt, just when I need my my brakes done. It's got so bad that I even started wearing a helmet the other day, and now--to avoid that fate--I'll have to replace the cables myself.

It's not just the bike store. In fact, almost all the commerce on the New King's Road (bar the specialist wine and food stores) is showing every appearance of freezing over. A very cold winter beckons, both metaphorically and literally. It looks like those posts about sunspots were right after all, and more right within months than the global warming rubbish has ever been, even given years to come true. I'm glad that I will be in London to see how things are going to work out, and not stuck somewhere in England covered in snow and the political class's horseshit, but I well know what could happen if the supermarkets and ATMs close. Riots, and my chance to get my hands on some looted caviar, that's what, before I nick a car and skedaddle with my Korean girl.* Did you think all those posts on disused underground bases were in vain?

Best wishes to all those in blogland who keep checking this site--I am flattered--and will be back soon. If you are the praying sort of a person, say one for my mother, who has her final blood test this week, and let's hope the little conversation the Koreans are having doesn't escalate into one of their Latin-style rows.

*As a member of the bar I do of course condemn such behaviour and do not see it as the sort of thing that barristers should be doing. Then again, I'm not cynical enough to practise....


Toni said…
Things are bad all over. London will get paralysed by the weather as we sit and freeze, debating if we should lake out a loan @ 2,700% to switch the gas on. At least the cold will stop the students protesting. I like to see a bit of student activism but not when its just because we can't see the value in a 2.2 in Sociology. Still, its the governments fault for deciding to increase our academic standards by giving away an AS level with every 3 gallons of petrol. One only has to look at the graffiti in Whitehall to know some of these people shouldn't be in University.

The financial situation will not improve next year but don't feel to glum for the Irish, they had a good ride on the Euro bandwagon while it lasted. Wait and see what happens in Spain next year when new banking regulations force the banks to make loan provisions against all repossessed property. The banks will dump it on the market so you can expect a further property price decline of 30 to 50%. I'm with you on the Korean issue, actually Korean women are either incredibly hot or pretty dodgy but lets hope the border dispute doesn't escalate. The Americans may have sold the Koreans their Patriot missiles and aegis radars but the North Koreans have about 3,000 artillery guns trained on Seoul and could probably level it in about thirty minutes.
Martin Meenagh said…
Thanks for the comment Toni. My girlfriend is Korean and falls into the former category, but I'm biased.

I always thought things would hit the fan around early to mid-2011, but maybe they are starting early. The Spanish banks aren't ignorant of this--I'm sure that we've bemoaned Santander being allowed to spray mortgages around here in recent months with transparent motives. Our leaders are so stupid.

I'm actually sad for the ordinary Irish people, but the sense of middle-class atheistic entitlement and literally stupid selfishness of the Celtic Tiger's politicians and inspirees deserves a bit of a correction. Ireland has withstood worse, even if most of the children of those who did not leave are not made of the stuff my family are.

Neither side can win in Korea. I wonder sometimes what's really going on in the North though--Kim, mad as he is, is not stupid. These attacks seem to come when they need money or are feeling some leadership insecurity in some way, but they're very difficult to read. Have you been to North Korean Leadership Watch? I've got into that site in recent years....

I also agree about most 'universities'. My own approach would be to hand over the Russell Group to the private sector, along with teacher training colleges, then let the others sink or swim. Each one that went bankrupt would be woven into a new multi-campus National University of Britain with national standards, lower fees, and modules you could build up from any campus as and when you could afford them. I'd be quite keen on school vouchers or free schools to feed into universities, with the Russell crowd running competitive-entry grammars, and maybe we need a few religious universities to take over some of the bankrupt new universities too. I'd also like to see London University restored to its federal glory.
Toni said…
I am sure your young lady is definitely of the beautiful category. I have some experience of Asian women and always found the Korean women the most attractive. Korea in fact is an odd country my father went there after the war ended and South Korea was officially the poorest country in the world. Christ, talk about a turnaround. Actually when the Bandung conference was on the IMF predicted the great hopes for the developing world were Indonesia and Zimbabwe, so I guess you should never believe the experts. Kim maybe mad as a brush but clearly believes it is better to be king in hell than a servant in Heaven. By all accounts he lives a pretty good lifestyle there and like the Burmese as long as China doesn't tire of him that should continue.

Santander is a remarkable example of a bunch of chancers getting away with it. They clearly fall into the too big to fail category in the UK now and as the largest percentage of their assets and profits are generated in the UK it looks like its down to us to bail them out. The government cannot argue with this in any way because they have approved the sale of other banks assets to Santander.

As you know, I am not an educated man but I was offered a few university places. I like your plans for restructuring higher education in the UK. A British University makes sense, after all a lot of new Universities such as East London and the Guildhall seem to exist mainly to keep young Asian women off the streets until they are married. I once brought a student pass in Thailand from the University of Australia but I don't think it was accredited. London University is a very interesting institution and seems to be the only place that Oxbridge types regard as a serious university. When I came back from Asia my first time, I seriously considered a course at SOAS but the siren call of the city prevailed.

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