Corelli and the Christmas Concerto

The image is of Monet's Thaw at Vetheuil, 1880/1. He's not normally someone I'm keen on, but the cold is hiding momentarily here and I thought it appropriate. Vetheuil is where the Seine ice-blocks for Paris used to come from, but Monet painted them because the mini-icebergs crashed and rolled eerily when a thaw set in. That was back in a previous period of global cooling, of course

I'm a great believer in the idea that Christmastide is what we should be celebrating, and that it does not properly finish until the 6th of January. Having had a wonderful time at home with my family, experiencing the generosity and Christmas spirit of my relatives, I thought at mid-point that a little Baroque was in order, and this sprang to mind as I travelled back down to London today. I wish that I could have trusted the camera on my blackberry to put a picture up for you of how the snow was melting in a mist, deceiving itself that it was evaporating when in reality it was returning to earth in a messier way. Perhaps it is all a metaphor for something. Who knows? In the meantime, a continuing Merry Christmas to you.

The picture with which the last two movements of the concerto are illustrated is Matthias Grunewald's nativity scene from 1515, containing an angel which I've always thought looks suspiciously like St John. There is a nice riff on it over on


Toni said…
Like you I am not a huge fan of Monet but that is a great picture As for the music, I enjoyed it - I am not very cultured and when it comes to the classics, I stick to the old favourites; Beethovens 9th, Eine Kline NachtMusic, Bach's Air. You get my drift. I was born on the Epiphany, and always wondered as a child why all the decorations came down on my birthday. Hope your having a good one.
Martin Meenagh said…
I'm having a great time, Toni. My mum is looking much better, seems very well, and I've ate and drank with my family until I'm fit to burst. Some serious gymming is due for January, I think, and cycling (if it hasn't collapsed in the cold!)
Anyway, all the best, and I'll raise a glass of diet juice to you on the 6th.

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