The Endless Wars for Peace
An appropriate Australian commentary on it all, for friends abroad.


Edward Spalton said…
I think that "O What a Lovely War" borrowed this idea from an earlier piece of manipulation of newsreel showing Hitler & other Nazis marching in this comic way. It turned out to be a hugely popular piece of propaganda on the cinema newsreels.

Incidentally there is a very good counterblast to Joan Littlewood's clever piece of class warfare propaganda in OWALW - a businesslike book about the Great War, called "Mud, Blood and Poppycock". The author's name is Corrigan and he is a regular soldier himself.
Martin Meenagh said…
I'll have a look--many thanks for the tip, and the comment.
Edward Spalton said…
If you Google "Lambeth Walk - Nazi Style"

you will get a video clip of this sort of manipulated newsreel footage.

Many hit tunes of the era were common to England and Germany, such as "The Lambeth Walk", "Yes, we have no bananas" and "Roll out the barrel"

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