A Walrus Exercising

Right. Iceland told the Bankers to get stuffed and is rebounding, albeit on top of a volcano. Global warming is clearly not happening, and the carbon mechanism does not work; as Richard Feynman noted the great test of science is proof and there is no evidence for the folly at which our leaders are throwing money. Wikileaks has revealed a brutal world in which the US ruthlessly pursues its own interest--no surprise to those of us who knew of the jungle, but no-one seems interested or shocked. The US has responded by shutting down wikileaks servers, concocting a rape case, and calling for Julian 'Fox Mulder' Assange to be assassinated, 'cept he won't be because he has placed an insurance package on multiple sites on the internet and the key will be released if anything happens to him.

Elsewhere in Gotham city, stagflation is taking a grip on the western heart and the Koreas are at daggers drawn, and we're all thinking here about a failed kleptocratic soccer competition award in 2018. Oh, and the British 'cuts'--which are actually part of an overall rise and which have not happened yet--mean that we can keep 90 000 more wasters in office. Just to top it all off, NASA is hinting at parallel evolution on earth or alien life as though it were normal. Not a peep from most of the media. I sense no awareness of the disturbance in the force.

One can neither satirise nor comment properly on a world in which the Romans are gripped by St Vitus' dance as the tribes are wiped off ice fields and the lights go out in Rome. So here is a video of a Walrus exercising. It is oddly reassuring and it puts me to shame. I should be down the gym, preparing my body for the collapse so that I can loot the food and wine shelves before running to my stolen, diesel-powered car.


Toni said…
Iceland was a joke, however they followed the novel idea of turning their entire country into a hedge fund for a reason. The bankers are the architects of their own misery. Years ago if a country defaulted on its debt the implications were immense. After the Asian crisis things got a little easier. I recall one senior CSFB banker, (American) shouting at the airport in Moscow that "they would never lend money to this shithole country again". That lasted about 2 years. Argentina took its massive default a step further and I think Buenos Aires was borrowing internationally about a year later. Countries no longer fear being frozen out of the markets.
The Korean thing is a lot more serious than most people think. They are not just sabre rattling. The North Koreans know that in order to negate the South technical superiority they must launch a massive first strike on Seoul. The expensive American Patriot missiles will be no use against anartillary assult using some guns that date back to the 50's. Any nuclear missiles are probably all aimed at Japan anyway. The Americans are not helping the situation by sending a carrier group. Are they really going to test the Chinese. Sure they have a pact to protect South Korea but they had one for Taiwan as well.
Martin Meenagh said…
I agree about Korea. The Asian communist states have worked out that 'asymmetric warfare' leads to big advantages. The Chinese Second Artillery pointed at Taiwan, for instance, now mean that it is a seriously bad idea for the much superior US carriers to go near the place, unlike when Clinton last sent them in to protect Taiwan. China knows that some sort of reunion is a matter of patience anyway.
So many things devolve, eventually, inevitably on a water planet, into matters of naval strength. I've been quite interested in what China is up to in the water and have occasionally blogged about it. A large part of America's putative power isn't in missiles but in those carrier battlegroups, but what most don't realised is that they are now outnumbered in the Indian Ocean, and that even the Europeans in Operation Atalanta are having a go at counterbalancing them, even given absurd Euro-Navy rules of engagement.
Korea isn't a straightforward issue. Talk about a nation of shopkeepers; most of the middle class there have worked out what happened to the Bonn republic and don't want the burden of paying for a bunch of 'cholla' northeners, so the most they'll go for is federation. Many of the young seem to be South Korean nationalists in a way that West Germans were rarely, but Germany, I suppose, taught the power of nationalism at the right time to sway minds. Wikileaks is also interesting--the Japanese acknowleding that they're anti-union because they do well out of playing both sides, but the Chinese open to it on business terms. If the Protestants and Buddhists in Korea get their way, some financial stitch up might reunify the place; if the Buddhists, who seem to be militarists, sway the decision alone, we'll have a higher chance of war; and if the Catholics and liberals hold on, we'll get a 'cold war hot peace' type of nasty internecine engagement in which people dance with matches around the gasoline in the knowledge that most matches are snuffed out by petrol. One mistake, though, and it's kaboom.

Interesting how apparently useless those expensive robot guards on the Korean border are proving too. Is ninety per cent of modern military hardware ineffective?
Anonymous said…
Great post.

It has been odd reading articles and comments by American conservatives calling for Julian Assange to be killed. I suppose they are for Big Government when it engages in mass secrecy and extrajudicial murder, but universal health care would be fascism.

I like that walrus exercising. I think we should be preparing animals to help us when the collapse comes. I once saw a movie about a post-apocalyptic dystopia where telepathic dogs helped their owners locate fuel. All I need are some Zener cards and a Golden Retriever and I should be good to go.
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi John

I've decided that a lot of modern American conservatives are one stop short of fascists, but the reason that they are is the same as that which makes the liberal-left so totalitarian. They've been socialised into a sort of sickness of narcissism, cheap energy and food, and hyper-patriotism that is in fact profoundly ignorant. To be progressive and to be neoconservative is not to recognise either your own proper limits or those of others. Americans need some tough schooling, and they are going to get it--and, very unfortunately, those who have been taking knocks all their life are going to be the ones to be hit in the first wave.

When its over, we need smaller government, self reliance, proper education, more independence and far lower and flatter taxes--and more humility!)

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