What We Should Do in an Ideal World, (and what we may be pushed into anyway)

Once more, and with feeling....

1) Institute one, flat rate of tax at 15% on profits, consumption, income, and land values--with no loopholes, no complications, and a £12000 earnings allowance

2) Abolish Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and instead require individuals and companies to electronically declare pay through a bank, whilst receiving income credit through banks and post offices

3) Abolish one third of all local government, starting with any seat in which electoral turnout is under 25%

4) Privatise the Russell Group, and allow remaining universities to merge into a National University of Britain run on Open University lines

5) Abolish the Departments of Business, Culture, Media and Sport, Children and Families, and International Development

6) Withdraw all subsidy from rail transport and allow the collapsed companies into social ownership

7) Provide for a referendum on membership of the European Union and NATO

8) Withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, and consider an airborne British deterrent; inistitute an inquiry into the merger of the Armed Forces into a Defence Force; consider a draft and a referendum before future major deployments

9) Allow major banks to go bust and prepare to reset the system on the basis of local building societies, credit unions, and regulated oligopoly banking

10) Abolish the Crown Prosecution Service, the Acts underlying the Family Law System, and Climate Change legislation; consider the creation of local Sheriffs; allow supermarkets to run one-stop law firms; build large numbers of prisons.

11) Institute Primary elections and the Alternative Vote, with Parliamentary seats limited to those aged 35 and over.

12) End Quantitative Easing and aim to balance the budget whilst switching to a new, non-oil based energy economy via nuclear and coal power within a decade.

Of course, we won't, anymore than we did when this obscure blog suggested these things every year for the past three years. I have a feeling that the worst of the economic crisis that is approaching, however, will force a National Governent into doing these things in time. In the meantime, pray.


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