And like the vast majority of people on this fetid island, I am fantasising about emigrating. Probably never would, though, for long-- I like my rainy days and cups of tea and London too much for that, but of course if I were ever forced to contemplate living outside London, in England or somewhere, I'd have to find a working airport pronto.

So, here I am, watching Canadian, Australian and Hong Kong videos and even humming 'the sidewalks of New York' to myself; but of course, in this mood, you can't beat The Leaving of Liverpool. What a great song.


Toni said…
Great song, I have so many fond memories of leaving Liverpool. That sounds like the beginning of a joke but it isn't. My father worked for one of the last shipping companies based in Liverpool and as a traditional firm they allowed senior officers to take their spouses and children, (up to the age of 18), on voyages on these cargo ships. These were long-haul voyages to Africa, Asia or South America. The Mersey is a tidal river and often when we left the dock it would be at sunset, sliding past the 3 graces and out to the Irish Sea. The Liverpool waterfront was beautiful.
Martin Meenagh said…
What a great story--thank you for that. I've never met a person from Liverpool whom I did not like. It's heartbreaking to think of what seems to have happened to the city.

In fact, of all the Irish cities outside Ireland--Liverpool, New York, New Orleans, Boston, Glasgow--Liverpool is the one I feel warmest towards, though I love Manhattan too.

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