Mad Cow Disease Causes Global Warming

According to Shub Niggurath's cheerfully named 'total distortion of the facts' climate site. I did like that.

It's still true, and has been for the past three years, that both hemispheres have been registering cooling, that global warming ideas do not pass a null hypothesis, that no reliable mechanism for global warming can be found, that cyclical cooling linked to the sun has proven robust in terms of predictive validity, and that anyone now going on about global warming as a reality must be by definition either malign or silly. It's also clear that a bunch of middle class types high on themselves and their own thanatic busyboots drama--and desperate for research grants and camera time--have been making up figures to appeal to ex-hippies and wannabe Dylanites in the political class right life and centre.

People should get back to conservation and the challenge of dealing with peak oil--by building up nuclear and coal supplies--quickly. I do not hold my breath that the political-media class will get the point.

h/t EU Referendum


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