McAlpine's Fusiliers

For every emigrant who ever had to go somewhere else and build stuff for money...and because I am avoiding doing the pile of work in front of me. You could never have said that of a 'Navvy', which for American readers is a British industrial word for the sort of good tough madmen who in other places became US Marines.


CalumCarr said…
Martin Meenagh said…
Good to hear from you, Calum-and your youtube channel is excellent. I'll be urging friends to visit it.

You have the same name as a good man, my Uncle, who was strong and fit and mischievous for most of his life before he died over in Donegal. I'd like to think of him listening away to songs like McAlpine's Fusiliers, since he was one of them--he could carry rails on his shoulders like no one since Abraham Lincoln! It's quite pleasing that the coincidence of your name and my thought of him at this song should pop up in these comments.

All the best to you and yours

2:24 PM

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