Six Terrorists Inspired By Glenn Beck and Fox News

This link to business net further illustrates yesterday's conversation. The people named killed Six Americans and injured seven more and directly cited Fox and Beck as explanations for their motivation. Words have consequences.

UPDATE: 'Gobsmacked'.

Apparently, only Muslims in imaginary mosques in New York, and Islam in general, create a climate of fear and division in which people may be encouraged to identify enemies where others see human beings* (alternatively, if you are on the left, 'sexist' speech is really a form of rape). It's beginning to look, as I suggested it might the other day, that this isn't directly true of what happened in Arizona the other day; rather, a fatal combination of drug use, guns and schizophrenia may well be to blame. Chalk another massacre up to marijuana, the cuddly brain surgery of choice for bourgeois youth.

However, if you are the Junior High school bully and patented 'mean girl' of politics, anyone questioning the demented violence of your language and your determination to divide, whilst being ignorant, is guilty of a 'blood libel'. Apparently.

So, well, whew, Sorry for the old antisemitism there in criticising a Republican more than a Democrat. I wouldn't be the first Irish Catholic to have to apologise for it, after all.

I hope Gabrielle Giffords is recovering, and I'm sorry for the other victims, and I hope that people in her synagogue are not too offended by the former Governor of Alaska. See, if a Christian person rather than one of her neocon boosters had written that no-responsibility statement (since I assume that someone other than the Great She did), I'm sure that La Palin would have been traducing the cross to which bad liberals were doubtless trying to affix her rather than raising Medieval terms best left buried--yea, even in the medium of song.

Perhaps we should all just stop stoning Sarah and just move on like good little burning Buddhists. I mean, Holy Cow, lets give Christian tolerance the Big Mo.

*Apparently, Muslim religious profiling at airports and transportation hubs is alright, presumably because some constitutional amendments and rights matter much more than others. Glad that one has been cleared up!


Anonymous said…
Picky, picky, picky...

Martin Meenagh said…
Lol, JHN, I couldn't resist. Thank you for the comment- hope you are not about to be hit by this Illinois supertax which I keep reading about! All best, M
Anonymous said…
Your words do not have consequences. Nobody is listening. You can be as pedantic as you like, but it doesn't change the fact that you spout a lot of garbage.

I also deliver my message with courtesy. It could have been much worse.
Martin Meenagh said…
lol, precisely my point. I, and you (I presume) have no real influence as bloggers, or commentators, or in public life. We influence nothing and no one. I have some influence on others, as a tutor, and therefore some responsibility when I am in front of a student or people who have any respect for me.

But people who know that they reach millions, or who aspire to great office, do have responsibility because they can affect others. They influence people. What's that definition of influence-- to appear in other people's dreams? To motivate?

This blog is a kind of commonplace book, as much for me to record what I think as anything else. Please don't read your own troubles into it, though your annoyance, if courteously delivered, is more or less welcome.

As for 'much worse', well we'll leave that one to whatever it is that makes you think that that would be important.

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