To Lost Commentators

I've had an email or two about my absence--I'm just working very hard--but also, about the criticism policy on this blog and in my head. Let me make it clear (best Richard Nixon voice); people whom I like can say exactly what they like, and I really don't mind criticism. I have an Irish mother and love her dearly, and a Korean girlfriend, whom I love, and I am scared of both of them appropriately. These facts more or less demonstrate that if I was precious I'd be six feet under.

Secondly, if you do have a go, I'll have a go back but I love you all really and will do so with a smile--God loves opinions, after all, since he made so many of them!

Thirdly, if I really didn't like you, you wouldn't be on here. I am not a liberal person.

Normal service resumes shortly.


Anonymous said…
I'm a liberal person and I'm still here.
Anonymous said…
Toni said…
Had to laugh at your scared of an Irish mother comment. They can't be that bad, my brother tells me that at our grandmothers funeral, (which I was not invited to for my generally disruptive behaviour), an Irish relative stood up, drunkenly and hugged my brother shouting, "sure I could have been your mother". Probably would have been ok if she hadn't been sitting across the table from my mother.
Martin Meenagh said…
My mum is brilliant. For those of you following the story, by the way, she has returned to strong health and is eagerly awaiting the birth of my nephew to my little sister in a few weeks' time.
Martin said…
That's good news, Martin. Keep us posted.

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