In the Spirit of Twitter

I have received a comment from a 'David2' concerning one of the blogs that I drop by on from time to time. I thought that I would avoid the politics of petty personal destruction and put it up, as a courtesy to David. In the spirit of Mr Justice Eady (who is a good sport at Middle Temple Revels, or was the last time they let me past the door), I do like a robust and informed debate.

Ummm, you do know the comment on David Lindsay's **** that you ***** was ******, don't you? Lindsay is a ******** ***** at Durham and was totally ****************************. It got ************. Even **** ***** ran away. So Lindsay has to **** **** ******* on his blog. We got him sacked from The Telegraph blogs because ************ and had ***** *** *********** "Martin Miller" and "Stephen Alexander". Poor Lindsay gets ******* every time he ********. He wrote about ********** last week. He made ****** to ***************** for ************* and they respond with even more *****. ** ***** ***** ***** phone him up to congratulate him on his blog. He's an ***** ****** *******among Durham students.


David Lindsay said…

Oh, the stories I could tell about him...

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