Album number 990

Over on facebook, I have been counting down the '1001 albums' to expand my tastes and give myself a bit of a daily rest. Today's was Miles Davis' 1957 'Birth of the Cool', which is just about perfect. Of all the tracks on a wet Putney morning, to the birdsong of which I awoke at four thirty from a nightmare, this is beautiful, outstanding, the best; Moon Dreams



Storm'n Norm'n said…
I guess our taste in music differs... Although I've heard the name before apparently I've never listened to any of Miles Davis...and if your "perfect" selection is consiedered beautiful I'd be very hesitant to look any further. First off, the piece started with a sort of pre-vocal tune...I kept expecting someone to start singing. Well I didn't want to go away without listening to the whole thing (if I can call it that) afraid that I might miss out on something. The end came and not too soon and I've got to say I wasn't impressed. It did have a quaint resemblance to the Dorsey bands of the forties...but thats as close to I come with any positive review.
PS: I didn't have to say anything at all here, I just wanted to let you know that I was perusing your blog...had to leave some kind of a 'Kilroy Was Here' notice somewhere where you would find it...sorry it had to be on the south end of the battery terminal (negative).

Anonymous said…
No problem at all, Norm- the world isn't an echo chamber, thankfully. Thank you for the comment.
The most likely explanation is that you've identified that I have very little in the way of taste at all, at least in music, though this did appeal to me immediately.
Martin Meenagh said…
See? I can't even properly comment from my blackberry ;D

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