DSK: Scurrilous, ill advised or thought provoking?

I noticed, around the 3-5 of June, that the following comments were appearing on various websites. At the time, I thought, as I still think, that no one can understand what goes on in a trial without the benefit of reading a very thorough report or being there--and even then, having sat in on several dozen trials, the instincts and conclusions of juries are often very difficult to fathom.

Anyone holding forth as an authority on any case is immediately suspect; I have about thirty thousand JFK assassination documents on cd, or on my shelves (including a copy of the Warren Commission report, for instance, which I have read). I've accumulated them over twenty years. You know what? I haven't a clue what happened on 22 November 1963, beyond four people being shot and the Beatles releasing an album.

People read the wrong focus into things often; silly little crimes become great affairs of state, and great conspiracies become one-off 'black swan' events in the eyes of those who wish to see what they wish to see.

However, as a sort of aide-memoire, I thought that I would place a copy of the comment which I cut and pasted from the Daily Telegraph's letters site, by an anonymous commenter, here. Please don't read anything more than that into it!
"A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Federal Security Service (FSB) says that former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged and jailed in the US for sex crimes on May 14th after his discovery that all of the gold held in the United States Bullion Depository located at Fort Knox was ‘missing and/or unaccounted’ for.

According to this FSB secret report, Strauss-Kahn had become “increasingly concerned” earlier this month after the United States began “stalling” its pledged delivery to the IMF of 191.3 tons of gold agreed to under the Second Amendment of the Articles of Agreement signed by the Executive Board in April 1978 that were to be sold to fund what are called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as an alternative to what are called reserve currencies.

This FSB report further states that upon Strauss-Kahn raising his concerns with American government officials close to President Obama he was ‘contacted’ by ‘rogue elements’ within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who provided him ‘firm evidence’ that all of the gold reported to be held by the US ‘was gone’.

Upon Strauss-Kahn receiving the CIA evidence, this report continues, he made immediate arrangements to leave the US for Paris, but when contacted by agents working for France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) that American authorities were seeking his capture he fled to New York City’s JFK airport following these agents directive not to take his cell-phone because US police could track his exact location.

Once Strauss-Kahn was safely boarded on an Air France flight to Paris, however, this FSB report says he made a ‘fatal mistake’ by calling the hotel from a phone on the plane and asking them to forwarded the cell-phone he had been told to leave behind to his French residence, after which US agents were able to track and apprehend him.

Within the past fortnight, this report continues, Strauss-Kahn reached out to his close friend and top Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar to retrieve from the US the evidence given to him by the CIA. Omar, however, and exactly like Strauss-Kahn before him, was charged yesterday by the US with a sex crime against a luxury hotel maid, a charge the FSB labels as ‘beyond belief’ due to Omar being 74-years-old and a devout Muslim.

In an astounding move puzzling many in Moscow, Putin after reading this secret FSB report today ordered posted to the Kremlin’s official website a defense of Strauss-Khan becoming the first world leader to state that the former IMF chief was a victim of a US conspiracy. Putin further stated, “It’s hard for me to evaluate the hidden political motives but I cannot believe that it looks the way it was initially introduced. It doesn’t sit right in my head.”

Interesting to note about all of these events is that one of the United States top Congressman, and 2012 Presidential candidate, Ron Paul [photo bottom left] has long stated his belief that the US government has lied about its gold reserves held at Fort Knox. So concerned had Congressman Paul become about the US government and the Federal Reserve hiding the truth about American gold reserves he put forward a bill in late 2010 to force an audit of them, but which was subsequently defeated by Obama regime forces.

When directly asked by reporters if he believed there was no gold in Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve, Congressman Paul gave the incredible reply, “I think it is a possibility.”

Also interesting to note is that barely 3 days after the arrest of Strauss-Kahn, Congressman Paul made a new call for the US to sell its gold reserves by stating, “Given the high price it is now, and the tremendous debt problem we now have, by all means, sell at the peak.”

Bizarre reports emanating from the US for years, however, suggest there is no gold to sell, and as we can read as posted in 2009 on the ViewZone.Com news site:

“In October of 2009 the Chinese received a shipment of gold bars. Gold is regularly exchanges between countries to pay debts and to settle the so-called balance of trade. Most gold is exchanged and stored in vaults under the supervision of a special organization based in London, the London Bullion Market Association (or LBMA). When the shipment was received, the Chinese government asked that special tests be performed to guarantee the purity and weight of the gold bars. In this test, four small holed are drilled into the gold bars and the metal is then analyzed.

Officials were shocked to learn that the bars were fake. They contained cores of tungsten with only a outer coating of real gold. What’s more, these gold bars, containing serial numbers for tracking, originated in the US and had been stored in Fort Knox for years. There were reportedly between 5,600 to 5,700 bars, weighing 400 oz. each, in the shipment!”

To the final fate of Strauss-Kahn it is not in our knowing, but new reports coming from the United States show his determination not to go down without a fight as he has hired what is described as a ‘crack team’ of former CIA spies, private investigators and media advisers to defend him.

To the practical effects on the global economy should it be proved that the US, indeed, has been lying about its gold reserves, Russia’s Central Bank yesterday ordered the interest rate raised from 0.25 to 3.5 percent and Putin ordered the export ban on wheat and grain crops lifted by July 1st in a move designed to fill the Motherlands coffers with money that normally would have flowed to the US.

The American peoples ability to know the truth of these things, and as always, has been shouted out by their propaganda media organs leaving them in danger of not being prepared for the horrific economic collapse of their nation now believed will much sooner than later."
As it happens, Mr Salom Omar did plead guilty to groping a maid; and the United States routinely does not audit gold and has not done so since 1961. So, well, nothing to see here. Move along....


Toni said…
Martin, I suppose you are right about the tendency of people to attach conspiracy theories to almost every event. We do know that JFK was assassinated, but who knows why? Considering the reputation of the Kennedies, could have just been a jealous husband. Does America have any real gold? Again, who knows and really who cares? The US is the country that really doesn't need money, which is odd considering the citizens of the US are obsessed with acquiring it. they print money at will in the form of dollar bills but also for our special delight in the form of US Treasury bills. Bernanke, (who would be lucky to get a job as a parking attendant at the Bundesbank), followed up this weeks announcement that the Fed would stop quantitative easing 2 by then saying the US government would purchase up to 300bn of additional debt issued by...the US government. I wrote myself a cheque for 1 trillion pounds the other day so I am now the richest person in the world. What the US has done and has been very wise in doing so is to ensure that the lenders, ie the Chinese and Japanese have too much to lose by calling time on the Americans excessive spending. Anyway the Chinese are only wealthy because they sell their crap products to America and Europe - if we go bust well so do they. People make out like China is some huge German style exporter - whats the average annual wage in China? USD2,800 per year! Apparently China has 1 million millionaires - impressive stuff, except when you consider what percentage that is of 1.4 billion people. So whilst I agree that the US economy is based on a house of cards, the other global players are living in the same fantasy. I used to be a credit derivatives trader and remember sitting in a bar on my own considering the fact that the market in credit default swaps had just exceeded by a factor of 100 the the underlying bond market. Talk about the Emperors new clothes.
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi Toni, I hope that the Summer is treating you well. Bizarrely, there is a credible story of a wronged husband, in amongst the rest of the cast of characters, in the Dallas events--Cord Meyer, whose wife, Mary Pinchot Meyer was a lover of JFK's. She died very mysteriously after he did, and her diaries, which have not been seen since, seem to have been acquired by James Jesus Angleton--a loony so determined to find Soviet spies he once investigated himself.

Couldn't agree more with you about Bernanke, Germany or China. GDP should be measured by value not volume. My money is on 'Greater Deutschland' plus Italy, commodities, ASEAN and the South Americans to make it through what's coming.

As for the emperor's new clothes--shhhhh. No one is allowed to talk about that. Has anyone seen that mouthy kid?....

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