Glenn Beck to Launch Childrens' TV Channel

I'll avoid the obvious question of whether this actually does constitute a career change for a moment, because I've been tickled by the reaction to this news on the National Public Radio website. In the comments section, as I read it, people of a sensibility which it's fair to say is different from that of Mr Beck wrote observations involving terms such as 'crap meter' 'misinformation' 'anti semitic', 'retard', 'this guy is like herpes' and 'wack-job conspiracy theorist.'

These terms, which were not of the sort one Mr Gladstone once deployed with Queen Victoria, were then followed by a series of separate, censored statements stamped 'comments removed for not meeting NPR community discussion rules'.

What community, and which discussion, allows swearing, observations on mental health, the use of the word 'retard' in any context, and comparisons to unpleasant and transmissible sexual diseases and then gets a fit of the vapours about the rules of polite discourse?


Anonymous said…
If you want truly low brow, read the comments on Fox Nation.

Martin Meenagh said…
Not Twice.
Martin...Glen Beck is a marginal personality at best in the US. He is no longer on Fox and his radio talk show is slipping in many markets. Most of the right wing commentators - Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity - are under-educated neo-conservatives who not only follow the 'neo-imperialist flag' but also the corporate and Wall Street money. Conservatism in the US has been co-opt ed by the neo-cons whose tentacles extend into both major parties. Is there is a discernible difference between Obama and Bush in foreign policy? Real conservatives have been ostracized by the establishment and media and buffoons like Beck are hoisted upon the American people as presenting the right wing is really the same choice hence the popularity of a libertarian Ron Paul who does not fit the stereotypical of a GOP or Dem operative...PAtrick
Martin Meenagh said…
It's awful, isn't it? I wonder though, if the voters aren't finally fed up. In countries where there are alternatives, or where the streets are relatively open, we're seeing more and more people head for them. It's not so much an under-reported as a barely-suppressed problem, and it's becoming funny to see the media come up with attempted diversions, dismissals and ignorals. We're well into the descent now--perhaps another few days or weeks of a gasping 'rally' and then the real crash might be upon us. Buy food and secure yourself!

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