Relativity, in the Library, with a washboard?...

Apologies for the obscure Cluedo reference. There have been numerous explanations put forward for the 'superluminal' neutrinos which some claimed that they had observed a few weeks ago. I discussed a few of them, sideways, by referring to Cherenkov radiation and some poetry, but today (via wattsupwiththat) I came across a neat explanation for the CERN 'faster than light' discovery.

You can read the report for yourself. It basically rests on relativity. The team measuring the passage of neutrinos from CERN to Italy across the 730-sum miles coordinated clocks using GPS systems 20000 miles above. These satellite clocks were moving in such a fashion that the detectors seemed from them to be travelling towards the neutrinos, and at speeds where time may have been slightly dilated. The proposed discrepancy between their measurements and those on the ground is 64 nanoseconds, which is almost exactly what was seen in the results of the great experiment.

So, as James Garfield once said, God reigns and the Government lives. As a post-script, don't miss the slightly mad discussions of how the time dimension of relativity makes movement impossible for some thinkers, and how it functions as a sort of luminiferous ether for others, in the comments.

UPDATE: Science being the great thing that it is, many people are already 'debunking' this explanation and suggesting that a mistake like relying on gps when atomic clocks were being used on the ground--let alone the overall relativistic explanation--is too daft to contemplate. Some are suggesting that the point of the explanation being posted on wattsupwiththat was to show the degree of virality of anything which sounds plausible as well. In any event, I'll keep dipping in and out of the story, because it's fascinating.


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