Edward Spalton said…
This reminded me of a friend who died eleven years ago. He was a linguist and had been headmaster of two schools but decided on a change of career in his mid fifties and became a barrister. Just for fun, he took the solicitor's qualifying exams too. "What a great job for Daddy" said his daughters "Standing up, arguing and getting paid for it".

His parents had come to Corby before the war. His name was Hugh Meechan and I was No.2 candidate after him for UKIP in the East Midlands in the 1999 EU parliamentary elections. He was one of the most remarkable men I have known, not only very bright but very straight too and really good company and fun.

Cancer took him very quickly. One of his last emails to me was "I'm fine, Edward. It's just my body that's crap".

He was a very devout Catholic and, against all the hierarchical pressure of the time, his priest held the funeral Mass in the Latin rite.

Every so often his name crops up in conversation and he is still missed.

Now, what has happened to Corby?
Martin Meenagh said…
I never knew him, but his wife was my headmistress for a time in Our Lady and Pope John Secondary School--she was head of the Our Lady's part. I think (it was on two sites) before a merger. I always feel guilty when her name is mentioned because she was a good woman and I was a young and arrogant man, grieving and not as good to her as I should have been. Everyone I know who knew of her husband admired him.

Corby is gradually recovering from the blow the steelworks collapse inflicted upon it, and is regenerating and changing. It has a special place in my heart.

Merry Christmas to you Edward, and a happy New Year.

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