Occasionally, the AOL 'Speak Yor Branes' Commments throw up a gem

This, from a piece on the Dakken field as seen by the International Space Station;

This treasure trove of things, this space-born isle,
This energy turned mass, this light bespecked orb,
This would-be Eden, failing paradise;
This fortress built of Nature by her hand,
Against the dark and chilling claim of cosmic cold,
This troubled band of souls, this little place,
This precious sphere, adrift a vacuous void
Which serves in measure as a cell,
Within such shell, might form an entity more wise
Against the perils of the ‘verse unknown, to act.
This blessed plot, this place , this realm, this Earth,
This nurse, this teeming womb of living beings,
Fear'd by their breed, and infamous in their deeds

With apologies to Richard II


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