Martin Kelly on Dopamine Illness

The excellent Martin Kelly is back, blogging on subjects as diverse as the possible neurophysiological problems of the Julio-Claudians, Dopamine Illness, and the tax law illuminated by the demise of Glasgow Rangers. He's always a good read, but this long and well-researched post touching on the penumbra of Parkinsonistic disorder as a way to understand what have become pathologised social behaviours is excellent, if you are into that sort of thing.

In other news, a very dear friend of mine across the water, to whose loving arms a long time ago I owe a great deal, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is strong and will fight--and a liberal person for whom prayers are a narrative--but if you pray, could I presume on you to say a little one for her and all the other sufferers of that evil, ridiculous disease?


Martin said…
Thanks, Martin, as ever you are very kind, and there's plenty more where that came from.

Job done on the other point.

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