I value your values.
This blog has lasted the better part of a decade. it has seen me through my move from Oxford to the Law, and back again to the teaching I love, I've blogged about women, about life, about religion, and friends. I've valued the friends that I made through it (and am flattered by some of the enemies!) and am grateful to the medium for the chance to just work out what I think. There have been a few successes--it was more fun working out how the 2008 crisis would hit before it happened than living through it, and I've enjoyed the posts on politics and my evolving Catholicism very much. There are sadnesses too, predominant among which is my eternal memory of my mother, and of the friends who comforted me at the end of her last battle, through our friendship here. One of the legacies of my being old mates with various political people seems to be a resident, but very occasional stalker, who pops up from time to time to flush about a wikipedia scandal or somesuch. I do hope they're still reading too!

As is traditional in Summer, though, I think that a bit of a reboot is in order. The blog is stale, though I see that click-throughs are healthy. It's been a long time since I enjoyed putting a post up, and not just because I'm all over the far less thoughtful hits offered by facebook. On the other hand, to help students and clarify my own thoughts, I do very much enjoy writing short model essays on American history, on politics and on economics.

So....I'm going to put more of those up. I know, it's probably the most sensible decision since the Kaiser Wilhelm got up one morning and thought 'It's such a nice day I think that a blank cheque and a short war are in order.' Or, even worse, when they changed classic coke. Or Windows 7. But then again, why not?

Please, if you are still reading, don't be too hard on my sketches or works in progress. If you are studying, don't copy them, but feel free to use them as 'gunsights' to train yourself, and if you see errors or radically disagree, feel free to comment and I'll decide whether I want your comment up there. The old rule still applies--no swearing or bad faith, and the comment goes up regardless of whether you like me or not. I am not a liberal, and appeals to free speech for its own sake, or rights, or things that you think are clever but have not been thought through will be kicked down the nearest dark staircase. Anonymous comments will be judged more harshly than ones that have a proper name attached. As with everything else on the blog, things are copyright but can be used fairly, I won't sue. Unless I do.

So, on a fine sunny morning, here's to another decade, during which the neutrality of the internet will no doubt have been so undermined that the only people reading this by the end will be watching words form themselves in the slow lane on some screen in a corporate marchelsea, or 'university' as they used to be called. Nil desperandum, my demented pipe dwellers, our day will come. And anyway, you've already doubled my readership just by showing up.


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